Illustration und Collage auf dem Portfolio von Sabrina Tibourtine
illustration von sabrina tibourtine

HOW DO I WORK (or: How it is working with me)

illustration von sabrina tibourtine
Sabrina Tibourtine Foto

You call me first. Or write me an email. It would be perfect if you already had the text draft or some keywords for me. Then I'll think about how to transform the topic into an image, work out an idea, search for photos and sit at my computer to make you a rough draft. You receive the draft as a jpg, so that you can already place it into your layout. If you like it, I'll buy the high-res photos (if they don't come from my fleamarket archive) and work on the final touches.(If you don't like it a 100% I'll edit the draft again)

You can be sure that the illustration is made with loads of magic and abacadabra.

It's as easy as that- yes!

Now all you have to do is call. 0049-221-2042 8664

Arbeitsweise. Schritt für Schritt zur Illustration
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