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Calendar - My terrific new life - with 52 weekly tasks

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Calendar - My terrific new life - with 52 weekly tasks

Also available in german:

Your terrific new life starts today!

Do you sometimes feel like your life is rushing by, that you could make more of yourself and should enjoy your time more? 
Rescue is at hand! 
From now on the perpetual „My terrific new life“ calendar supports you with 52 weekly tasks for a more adventurous, fulfilling, meaningful and cheerful life! 
Every week you'll receive a task for the next 7 days, which will help you to get out of your routine and which will add colourful spots to your own and other people's lives.

A little taste: 
week no 9: "Schedule half an hour leisure time with yourself for each day of this week in which you will solely do pleasant things.“ 
week no 16: "Wrap 5 coins in paper, paint the paper and tie them to a tree near a primary school“ 
week no 50: "Tidy up the corner of your house that you've been avoiding for too long."

Also set yourself a weekly goal: 
You will see how much clearer, more structured and content you will be in the future. 
You don't have to wait till New Year's for your new life: Simply enter the dates into the calendar yourself (will take about 10 minutes). 
Of course in a clear weekly overview there is also lots of space for appointments and notes. And for additional notes from your fabulous new life there are another 11 pages available, only waiting for your new ideas. 

- incl. flyer with a year overview for 2015 & 2016

- 21 x 15cm calendar and diary 
- 116 pages  
- spiral binding on long side, strong, grey carton on the back 
- each week provides space for additional notes & diary entries 
- 11 more pages for notes

© Eine der Guten, Sabrina Tibourtine 2012